Sometimes I just feel like I am never going to get anywhere in my life. There is always stress in my life and I lately I have been feeling like I have become less intelligent. I am not getting the grades I once got and I am working just as hard for them as I did when I get my better grades. I don’t see my life getting out of this root anytime soon. I waiting for the day when life won’t feel like I have to make an effort to keep myself moving forward. Right now I just feel like it would be easier to be done with everything, but that’s not me and that’s not how I want to end anything. I have faith. It’s just really hard to see the good in the bad and rough patches sometimes. I hope that for my well being and anyone else who is feeling like this find a spark of good in the end and that all this stress and bad feeling will have a ending that is worth this torture. (I may not have as bad but I still feel weighed down). May life take us on a journey and bring us to a happy ending. 

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  • 1 year ago