Is Anyone There?

Lying in her bed Lindy thinks of a place where she feels free, a place that is stress free. When she opens her eyes she will just see her arm, imagining herself slitting the skin open as the deep crimson blood flows over it. When was the last time she felt happy? She couldn’t even remember the last time she smiled. Everyday felt like she had a 1000 pound weight on her back. Why did life seem so helpless to her? She needs somebody to save her; she needs a hero.

Lindy was a believer in God but, she had her doubts when life became a battle for her life. She wanted someone who could physically and emotionally be there for her every day, every time she thinks about picking up a knife or a blade. It didn’t help that Lindy wasn’t very social or that her parents had split up a few years ago. Less and less Lindy felt alive. She was starting to become isolated. 

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  • 1 year ago