The Things That Way Me Down

Being sick during school is a huge problem. When it’s toward the end of your high school career and you have to stay home because you’re sick. Well the next day back to school, you just doubled your homework. GREAT! * sarcasm*  It may not be so bad if it weren’t for the higher level classes that I take, but there’s the problem right there isn’t it? The teachers don’t care; sure they give you an extra day, maybe, but all that work still ways you down. Guess I better buck up because I am almost positive that college professors won’t give any extra days and missing a day while being sick will be like a death sentence. 

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, however, this is what it can feel like. It’s okay though because when I enter my career, I am going to be very grateful I stuck with doing my work and staying caught up in high school. 

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  • 1 year ago